TLC Virtual Girl with CyberSkin Vagina and Anus

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With a variety of inputs and realistic features, the Hustler Living Doll is a ready and willing participant in all of a customer's sexual cravings and desires.

This doll is made of Cyberskin, a synthetic material that creates a realistic feel.

With her hands on her knees, she can sit up and give oral sex or face downward in a doggie style pose and take penetration from behind. She has three holes available (her mouth, vagina and anus).

Benefits of the Hustler Living Doll

  • She is made of Cyberskin material for a realistic look and feel.
  • There are three openings available for penetration (mouth, vagina and anus).
  • As a personal sex toy, you get all of the benefits of sex minus the worry of disease.
  • The doll weighs 40 lbs giving it a sense of weight adding to the realistic feel.
  • If you do wish to share with friends, you can fulfill that fantasy as well.
  • Many sexual positions are achievable. The only limit is your imagination.

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